Martin Davies

Public Programme Manager

  • Martin Davies

    Credit: Royal Institution


The Public Programme Manager manages the Ri’s programme of events for adults, consisting of around 70 talks, debates and short courses per year, which attract over 16,000 people. The programme attracts the best speakers from the UK and beyond, from Daniel Kahneman to Stephen Pinker, Athene Donald to Alice Roberts. Oh, and Brian Cox, obviously.


Martin Davies was born in Dorset, to a chemistry teaching father who made him watch the CHRISTMAS LECTURES every year. He studied Natural Sciences at King’s College, Cambridge and previously worked for the British Science Association.

Scientific inspiration

In my third year at university, I had a ‘Heroes’ board, with cut outs of people who inspired me, and I’m proud to say that Michael Faraday was one of them. More recently, I have been proud to manage events with Mark Miodownik, Simon Schaffer and James Burke, who are the most captivating, insightful speakers I have seen, as well as thoroughly nice people.

Favourite demo

The Apollo 15 hammer and feather drop demonstration is such a beautifully simple idea, with a nod to Galileo too.

Best thing about the Ri

Continuing the tradition of the world’s greatest science organisation, with a team of brilliant, passionate people.


To get in touch with Martin, please


call 020 7670 2939

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