Lisa Derry

Public Programme Producer

  • Lisa Derry

    Credit: Lisa Derry


Lisa is the Public Programme Producer where she helps curate the events for the Ri's adult programme.


Lisa’s journey to the Ri has been an odd one. After graduating from King’s with a Masters in Forensic Science, she spent as much time as possible avoiding full time work. Her part time jobs included selling guide books, presenting forensic workshops at museum Lates, science clubs with children, starting her own little business and being a Christmas Elf. Her first full time role was at the Science Museum, where she created events and activities for a wide range of audiences. She now focuses on adult events and is constantly amazed at the science research being worked on.

Scientific inspiration

It turns out I like investigating things, hence the Forensic degree. I think science inspired me at an early age because it allowed me to experiment with different ideas and find the answers to questions that I had no idea about.

Favourite demo

My favourite demo to do with kids is creating soap bubbles using dry ice. Not only does it look cool, no pun intended, but the kids love it!

Best thing about the Ri

I’m not the weirdest person in the building.

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