Cristina Fonseca

Genetics Society Centenary Project Manager


The Genetics Society Centenary Project Manager is responsible for the planning, execution and evaluation of an exciting and relevant programme of activities celebrating genetics throughout 2019, the centenary of the Genetics Society.


Cristina was born in sunny Portugal where she went to university. After an ERASMUS in Cambridge she pursued a PhD in clinical neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh. Her passion for science, particularly talking about science, led to her becoming involved with the Edinburgh International Science Festival and various other public engagement initiatives. After some time travelling she moved to London and worked with the Royal Society of Chemistry before joining the Ri.

In her spare time, Cristina volunteers with an educational charity for underprivileged children in Hackney where she is affectionately called ‘the science teacher’.

Scientific inspiration

I remember reading António Damásio’s book “Descartes’ Error” and being amazed with what our brain is capable of. The description of Phineas Gage’s accident and how it altered his personality made such an impact that I decided I wanted to find out how the brain worked, and became a neuroscientist myself.

Favourite demo

Liquid oxygen soaked biscuit burning. It was one of the first demos I saw at the Ri and I was mesmerised. From condensing the oxygen (which has an amazing blue colour when liquid) to the smell of burnt biscuit, it was really a fascinating demo. 

Best thing about the Ri

It is amazing to work in a place with such a rich history of science communication. The team here are a source of inspiration, they are all incredibly knowledgeable and so creative.

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