Sian Crucefix

Marketing Officer

  • Credit: Sian Crucefix


Sian is responsible for the creative output of the Royal Institution’s marketing, creating promotional material in the form of graphic design, illustration, and copywriting.


Sian hails from Old Windsor, home of Saxon kings. In reality it’s a small rural area that backs Windsor Great Park and features a peacock named Henry. Sian completed an undergraduate degree programme in Drama and Music, graduating from Royal Holloway University in 2018, and is thrilled to start her professional working life with The Royal Institution. Although Sian doesn’t have a scientific background she considers herself a Renaissance woman and appreciates the juncture between art, science, maths, and technology. You’ll find her drawing, designing, and furiously typing in the Marketing office..

Scientific inspiration

When I was very young I would look through my father’s anatomical study books and take in the intricacies of the human body; how we look on the inside, how we move, which ligaments attach where.

Favourite experiment/demo

As a trained classical soprano I have always been fascinated by how the body both produces and responds to music and sound. There’s a great video which shows an X-ray image of the insides of an opera singer and all of the mechanisms that occur in the body during song.

Best thing about the Ri

The history. It’s wonderful to take a break from work and potter around the building, visiting the libraries which are packed to the roof with old books covering an array of subject, or take a walk up and down the staircases, surrounded by paintings. During my first week I was let into the archives and held a meteorite dating back to slightly after the big bang and a gun within the same minute! It’s incredible to work in a building with such history and secret artefacts.

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