Colin Tucker

Marketing and Communications Manager

  • Colin Tucker


Colin is responsible for the operational side of the Royal Institution’s marketing efforts, helping to spread the word about the amazing work the Ri does and encouraging others to get involved.

He works across the entire Royal Institution, providing every area of the charity with a wide range of different marketing and communications support to help engage with members, supporters and partners old and new.


Colin is a Londoner born and bred. He currently lives on the Isle of Dogs and is the only member of his family for five generations to have lived north of the river. He has worked in marketing and communications for over six years, working for a range of private sector organisations before joining the Royal Institution.

Scientific inspiration

When I was in secondary school, I attended both the Royal Institution’s CHRISTMAS LECTURES and the Maths Masterclasses. I loved them both and, despite not studying anything scientific at university, I have always had a deep love of science and maths and a genuine desire to keep on learning even after leaving full time education. I credit a part of this to my early experiences at the Ri and I’m really excited that now I get to work here and help inspire others.

Favourite experiment/demo

When I came to the CHRISTMAS LECTURES, I saw Nancy Rothwell demonstrate how a person’s pulse slowed when they submerged their head in water. It stuck with me ever since (though I’m still not 100% sure I understand the science behind it).

Best thing about the Ri

Every day is different. One day I could be working quietly at my desk all day and the next I could be rushing between a lab where controlled explosions are going off and a historic library where Michael Faraday sat and worked. In any given day I could be working with the staff at the Ri, members, patrons, speakers, journalists or scientists. It’s incredibly exciting.

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