Samantha Durbin

Clothworkers’ Associate in Mathematics

  • Samantha Durbin

    Samantha Durbin


Sam looks after the Secondary Mathematics Masterclass network, including supporting existing Masterclass groups, expanding the network across the UK and working with new masterclass speakers.  She visits Masterclass groups around the country as well as developing and delivering her own classes.


Samantha has been at the Ri since June 2012. Before joining the Ri, she was a STEM Clubs Advisor at the British Science Association, working with schools across London and the South East, and worked for the Institute of Physics in the South West, developing activities and supporting their public events. Sam was a mathematics tutor for many years at both school and university level. She obtained a Master of Mathematics from the University of Bath in 2010 and an MSc in Science Communication from the University of the West of England in 2012.

Scientific inspiration

I never had a particular scientific inspiration growing up; I’ve just always enjoyed mathematics and science. These days, most of our masterclass speakers inspire me with the range of things they do with their students and their enthusiasm for their topic. It is always a pleasure to see them deliver a class!

Favourite number/demo

My favourite science demo is the flame tornado – both for the pretty fire and the lovely demonstration of fluid dynamics.  If I had to choose a favourite number it would be six, as I've always liked it and it's a perfect number, but mathematics isn’t really about numbers.

Best thing about the Ri

The best thing about the Ri is the range of things we do to help inspire young people in different areas of mathematics, science and engineering.

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