Dominique Sleet

London Secondary Mathematics Masterclasses Coordinator

  • Dominique Sleet


Dominique coordinates London’s Secondary Mathematics Masterclass series. Dominique also supports local experts from industry and academia to develop and deliver their own Mathematics Masterclasses.


Dominique grew up in London but moved to Reading to study and gained a degree in Natural Sciences. Dominique moved back to London where she worked at the Science Museum in the Explainer department for 7 years before moving to the Ri in November 2016. 

Scientific inspiration

I have always enjoyed science and maths at school but when studying history of science as part of my degree, I became really fascinated by the stories of scientists and their discoveries and inventions and so working at the Ri in such a historic building is an amazing opportunity.

Favourite demo

I’ve always loved making cornflour monsters. Using just cornflour and water you can make a simple non-Newtonian fluid which acts like both a liquid and solid depending on the forces acting upon it. Pass some sound through this simple concoction and you get crazy looking wriggling monsters. 

Best thing about the Ri

So much amazing history! The Theatre is pretty impressive too!

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