David Porter

Young Scientist Centre Manager

  • David Porter, Young Scientist Centre Manager

    Credit: Royal Institution


The manager of the L’Oréal Young Scientist Centre ensures that there is a range of hands on STEM workshops on offer to schools and other students throughout the year. They maintain the ethos that the YSC is a place where science is seen as a creative discipline and not simply a body of knowledge and where students can learn from their mistakes as well as their successes.


David Porter grew up in North London and after finishing school worked in the laboratories of the Royal Veterinary College. After a decade of endocrinology research he went on to study Physics at Warwick University and then completed a PGCE at Wadham college, Oxford. A successful teaching career followed including over six years as a secondary head of science in a Hertfordshire school.

Scientific inspiration

I conducted my first experiment at age 6 when I tried to melt the tip of a tent pole in a bonfire. It didn’t melt but I did learn, very painfully, about heat conduction in metals. My father was my scientific inspiration, he always encouraged me to take things apart, experiment and understand how they work before putting them back together.

Favourite experiment

The first time I managed to make some solid nitrogen at minus 210⁰C, it was great to see statistical thermodynamics in action.

Best thing about the Ri

That despite being steeped in scientific history it is not afraid to try new ways of communicating and experiencing science and technology.


Follow David on Twitter: @Afflewine

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