Ben Dornan

Causeway Associate in Computer Science

  • Ben Dornan

    Ben Dornan


Ben looks after the Computer Science Masterclass network, working with volunteers across the country to set up and run Computer Science Masterclass series for bright, talented and enthusiastic 13-14 year-old students from all schools in each area. He also supports local experts from industry and academia to develop and deliver their own Computer Science Masterclass.


Ben is coming to the Ri after 8 years at the University of Sheffield from Undergraduate to Doctoral level covering Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychology and Computational Neuroscience. During his time in academia he had a passion for science outreach and engagement, promoting science in his previous adoptive home of Sheffield and across the country.

Scientific Inspiration

From a much younger age I had a tinkerer’s enthusiasm for technology and a fascination with computing. These passions eventually tore me away from research when I discovered the opportunity to unite them through the new Computer Science Masterclass programme.

Best things about the Ri

The CHRISTMAS LECTURES played a big part in stimulating my interest in science during childhood and it’s a real honour to begin my new career at the Ri.