Amy Seales

Family Programme Coordinator

  • Credit: Amy Seales


The Family Programme Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the various family events and activities run here at the Ri. This includes our popular Family Fun Days and Summer Schools programme, along with other events and workshops throughout the year.


Amy joined the Ri after completing a PhD in Space and Atmospheric Physics. During her time at university, she developed a passion for science communication which led her to the Ri. When not drinking tea busy oragnisising family events, Amy likes to walk the family dogs, bird-watch (without the dogs) and go on adventure holidays.

Scientific inspiration

I always wanted to be a scientist, it just varied every few months as to which discipline. Then thanks to my amazing physics teacher, I settled on astronomy. I love the stars and planets, and the physics and beauty behind them.

Favourite demo

During my PhD my colleagues and I had a demo where we would make clouds in bubbles, and you can hold them without bursting. It’s pretty simple to do and the kids absolutely love it!

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