Alison Eves

Kantor Primary Mathematics Masterclass Coordinator

  • Alison Eves

    Credit: Alison Eves


Alison coordinates the Kantor Primary Mathematics Masterclasses, and is responsible for supporting the network of Masterclass Organisers throughout the country who ensure that hundreds of 10 and 11 year olds every year have access to our exciting and inspiring Primary Mathematics Masterclasses; she is also always looking for new schools and organisations to work with to extend the network.

In addition she organises the Primary Mathematics Masterclass series held at the Royal Institution 3 or 4 times each year. She also develops and delivers new Masterclasses on a variety of extracurricular mathematical topics that enthuse her.


Alison has always loved exploring the wonderful world of mathematics. Her degree focused on non-traditional applications of mathematics, one highlight being a dissertation on queuing theory! She then used her mathematics in the commercial world, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant. Alison enjoyed rediscovering all the joys of maths as her children grew, and found that maths is truly an international language during two years living in America. Most recently Alison has been sharing her passion for mathematics with children (both primary and secondary age) as a classroom teacher. She also loves just generally exploring geographically: the highlight (so far!) has to be Antarctica!

Scientific inspiration

I am inspired by Marcus du Sautoy, who shares mathematics with such passion but with great accessibility too. I heard him speak about showing our children the “Shakespeare of mathematics”: they may not be able to understand every nuance of the maths we’re sharing, but they can see it’s beautiful! In the same vein, reading Martin Gardner’s books as a teenager made me realise something of the excitement of maths beyond the classroom, and set me on my course. 

Favourite demo

It never ceases to amaze me how many proofs of Pythagoras’ Theorem there are…and the water demonstration is particularly pleasing. I love that proofs that were known to the Greeks and the Babylonians are still as true today.

Best thing about the Ri

Can I have two? It is so inspiring to work with a group of people that are all passionate about sharing how brilliant and important science is. It is also fantastic  to come to work in a building so resonant with scientific history.

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