Aasiya Hassan

Engineering Masterclasses Coordinator

  • Aasiya Hassa

    Aasiya Hassan


Aasiya Coordinates the Engineering Masterclass network, working with volunteers across the country to set up and run Engineering Masterclass series for motivated, talented and enthusiastic 13-14 year-old students from all schools in each area. She also supports local experts from industry and academia to develop and deliver their own Engineering Masterclass.


Aasiya has a background in Chemistry.  After completing her studies Aasiya worked within the education team at the Science Museum.  Initially working within the interactive galleries to deliver interactive shows and demonstrations.  She continued to work on a projects supporting local museums throughout the UK to support the development of STEM programmes.  Before joining the Ri Aasiya worked for STEM Learning, working with London Schools and coordinating STEM Ambassadors.  

Scientific Inspiration

Nikola Tesla and Dimitri Mendeleev.  They pushed the boundaries during their time and the principles of their work are still used today.

Favourite Demo

Watching water freeze…literally!  But when you wear polarising lenses it’s a completely different view.  Love how science can be fascinating and beautiful all at the same time.

Best things about the Ri

It’s the home of one of the founding fathers of electricity!  Its rich history and being a part of an organisation principled on making sciences accessible to the community.