Sarah Dick

Multimedia Producer

  • Sarah Dick


Sarah manages and creates content for our social media channels, and makes films for YouTube.


Sarah grew up in North Wales and never wanted to decide whether she liked science or arts more. She combined the two during her Biology degree at the University of Manchester, where she took up science communication through media. After working as a digital media producer in the University’s Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, she joined the Ri in 2017.

Scientific inspiration

I remember seeing Darwin’s ‘I think’ sketch of a phylogenetic tree and loving how something so simple sparked his theory of evolution by natural selection. Call me cliché, but David Attenborough documentaries were the major influence on my enthusiasm for biology and the natural world.

Favourite demo

The Davy lamp demo is the perfect combo of explosive science, explanation and application to society. Slightly less exciting but equally as cool is the demo which shows aphids fleeing from their alarm pheromone.

Best thing about the Ri

Standing in the Faraday Theatre knowing all the amazing science that has been shared there, and the enthusiastic and knowledgable people who work here to continue that culture.


Follow Sarah on Twitter: @sarahldi