Cassie Williams

Head of Digital

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    Cassie Williams


Cassie leads the Ri's Digital Team, overseeing the digital output of the organisation and inspiring people from around the world with the wonders of science and engineering.


Cassie has spent most of her life living in and around London where her scientific background got off to a shaky start after she failed to finish an undergraduate physics degree. However she kept on studying and now has degrees in Economics, Information Technology and even Religious Studies.

Cassie's background is in software development, and she has almost 15 years’ experience in digital management in the heritage, cultural and non-for-profit sector. She has passion for online communications and in the use of digital media to inspire off-line making and creativity.

Scientific inspiration

I was quite young when my father first told me about the double slit experiment. When he explained it, it seemed like real-world magic to me. I’m still amazed that science has uncovered so much yet there's always a new mystery out there to be solved. Which is pretty cool when you come to think about it.

Favourite demo

It has to be the Levitating Pumpkin. A pumpkin. That levitates. What’s not to love!

Best thing about the Ri

The excitement and enthusiasm that permeates everything here. Great people, amazing science, and a building steeped in history.


Follow Cassie on Twitter: @cassielouise