Hayley Burwell

Head of Marketing and Communications

  • Hayley Burwell

    Hayley Burwell


Hayley is responsible for making sure as many people as possible hear about all the amazing opportunities to engage with science provided by the Ri and for raising awareness of the organisation’s rich heritage and continuing impact on the future of science.

She is always on the look-out for new ways to engage with and talk to the Ri’s members, supporters and partners and takes the lead on all communications and marketing activities, including managing all media and filming requests. 


Hayley was born in South Africa, travelled north a bit to Botswana for her primary school years and then quite a bit further north to Wales for secondary school. This start has given her a permanent case of itchy feet and she has since taught English in Vietnam, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates while completing a degree in Japanese at the University of Oxford, before a stint in South Australia working in corporate communications.

She has supported a wide range of organisations from the private, public and non-for-profit sectors with strategic communications including media liaison, social media engagement and branding.

Scientific inspiration

Without a scientific background myself, I always find it fascinating meeting scientists and science students and quizzing them about what they study and why. Luckily, there are quite a few who walk through the Ri’s doors.

Favourite experiment/demo

I love Modern Alchemy: Detonating Nitrogen Triiodide because of its Hollywood elements; suspense, danger, a dramatic explosion and of course, a fearless presenter.

Best thing about the Ri

The Ri is the only place I’ve ever worked where  you can ask a simple question and for an answer your colleagues conduct a full scale practical experiment using whatever they have to hand on their desk. Asking ‘why’ has never been so fun!

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