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The Ri launches first ever e-book of original Davy Lamp manuscripts

  • Final prototype of the Miners' Safety Lamp

    Final prototype of the Miners' Safety Lamp invented by Humphry Davy

    Credit: Royal Institution


The Ri has launched the first ever e-book publication of the famous manuscript in its collections which traces how Davy invented the Miners' Safety Lamp.

The electronic publication of 'THE DAVY LAMP - Inventing the Miners' Safety Lamp' means that for the first time anyone in the world will be able to download and read Davy’s original manuscripts, as collected by Michael Faraday, containing his scientific notes, workings and diagrams.

The manuscripts are accompanied by a full transcription and expert commentary from the e-book’s editor Frank James, the Ri's Professor of the History of Science.

The Davy Lamp dramatically reduced the number of fatalities in nineteenth century coal mines and made a fundamental contribution to the industrialisation of Britain.

The e-book, which is published by Archive Editions (a Division of OV GEM Ltd) is now available to purchase at www.archive-editions.co.uk in Windows Apple IOS, (IPAD & IPHONE), Kindle Fire and all Android compliant platforms.