Giant lasers: Making miniature stars and saving the world

6.00pm to 7.30pm, Saturday 1 October

The Theatre

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  • Recreating the energy source of the Sun takes a lot of energy.

    Credit: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


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Event description

Scientists are trying to recreate fusion, the energy source of the sun and stars, on earth to provide us with a clean, inexhaustible supply of energy for the future. One way of making such a miniature star on earth is using the world’s most powerful lasers! Join physicist Dr Kate Lancaster on a journey to find out why lasers are so special and why we can use them to help us power our world. Expect “maximum laser”, demonstrations, and plenty of audience participation.

Particularly suitable for ages 7+

About the speaker

Dr Kate Lancaster is a physicist and science communicator based with expertise is in laser driven fusion. She is the Research Fellow for Innovation and Impact at the York Plasma Institute, part of the physics department at the University of York.

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