An introduction to psychology (short course)

7.00pm to 8.30pm, Wednesday 5 March

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    Credit: Uri Hertz / ICN


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Event description

The human brain determines who we are and how we act as individuals. It is an incredibly complex structure that has fascinated people for centuries but remains poorly understood. In many ways, understanding the brain is our last, and greatest, frontier. This course, presented by Dr Isabelle Mareschal of Queen Mary, University of London, will cover a basic introduction to the human brain with a discussion of some of its better-known functions, perception and attention. We will then proceed to the discussion of more complicated cognitive functions, such as for example memory, and decision-making. Throughout the course we will use recent developments (e.g. fMRI) as well as results from neuropsychological patients to compliment the results. We will end the course with a discussion of what happens when things in the brain stop working, covering mental illness and dementia.


1) Wed 05/03/14: Introduction to the brain
2) Wed 12/03/14: Perception: how we experience the world
3) Wed 19/03/14: Attention: selecting some events/thoughts and neglecting others.
4) Wed 26/03/14: Memory: how do we learn and form memories?
5) Wed 02/04/14: Decision-making: why do we do what we do?
6) Wed 09/04/14: Mental health and illness

The course costs £200 (£180 Members) for six sessions, including all course materials and refreshments.

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