The domesticated brain

7.00pm to 8.30pm, Tuesday 8 July

The Theatre

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Event description

Why do we care what others think? What keeps us bound together? How does the brain shape our behaviour?

Over the last 200,000 years, the human brain has shrunk by about the size of the tennis ball, going against the general trend throughout our evolution. Small brains are not generally associated with intelligence so what is happening in humans? And does this have something to do with our remarkable social behaviour? The award-winning psychologist and former Christmas Lecturer Bruce Hood will take us through what makes us social beings, and how our brain has adapted for living in close quarters with one another. 

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About the speaker

Professor Bruce Hood is an award-winning psychologist who has taught at Cambridge and Harvard universities and is currently Director of the Cognitive Development Centre at the University of Bristol. He delivered the Royal Institution's CHRISTMAS LECTURES in 2011 and is the author of 'The Self Illusion' and 'Supersense', described by New Scientist as 'important, crystal clear and utterly engaging'.

About the chair

Professor Tanya Byron is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist specialising in working with children and adolescents and has been working (both in the NHS and privately) for twenty years. She is a Professor in the Public Understanding of Science at Edge Hill University, where she is also Chancellor. As a clinician, journalist, author and broadcaster she works with and writes about a variety of psychological and emotional issues as well as mental health difficulties that affect people of all ages.

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