7.00pm to 8.30pm, Thursday 13 February

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  • Helen Keen

    Helen Keen

    Credit: Claes Gellerbrink


Standard £12

Concession £8

Associate £6

Free to Members, Faraday Members and Fellows

Event description

Science Fact or Science Fiction - which is better? There’s only one way to find out… With imaginative experiments, peer-reviewed poetry, and ignited curiosity... Curated by Helen Keen, award-winning comedian and creator of BBC Radio 4’s fact-based hit space comedy It Is Rocket Science, and featuring guests from the worlds of stand-up, sci fi and science. The speakers for this standalone event include...

Sara Pascoe  – Comedian & actor – star of Stand Up For The Week, Campus, Twenty Twelve, Being Human.

Steve Hall –  Edinburgh Comedy Award nominated comedian & We Are Klang alumnus (Russell Howard’s Good News, The Klang Show)

Steve Cross - Comedian, UCL Head of Public Engagement, creator of Bright Club - a collection of comedy-club-style events in the United Kingdom and Australia promoting public engagement by scientists, academics and others with specialist knowledge, along with Science Showoff & Museum Showoff.

Jon Chase (AKA Oort Kuiper) - Rapper and postgrad student and science communicator, commissioned by NASA to write an astrobiology rap.

Prof Sophie Scott  - Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL

Ali Sparkes – Science fiction author, winner of the Blue Peter Book of the Year for Frozen in Time – a tale of two cryogenically frozen children from the 1950s, brought back to life in 2009.

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