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Offers on books for Ri Members

Book offers from Bloomsbury

Visions of Numberland 

For those who ponder the most intriguing questions in mathematics, the realm of numbers is not onlyvisual but also beautiful. What does a sphere look like in four dimensions? How can a knight on a chessboard visit every square? And can a five-sided tile cover an infinite floor?

‘Visions of Numberland’ unlocks the world’s greatest mathematical mysteries, with 60 patterns to colour in and 10 more that you can create from scratch. The friendly explanations next to each pattern unlock the secrets of an intellectual quest that has been underway for three thousand years – but no mathematical knowledge is required. 

Offer ends: 30 September 2017

Terms and conditions

Ri Members, Ri Young Members and Ri Patrons receive a 30% discount on the ‘Visions of Numberland’. To redeem this offer please call +44 (0)20 7491 6588 or email membership@ri.ac.uk and your name and membership number will be validated. You will then be given a code which you will need to enter at the checkout when purchasing online

13 Journeys Through Space and Time: Christmas Lectures from the Royal Institution

Started at the Ri in 1825 by Michael Faraday, the CHRISTMAS LECTURES have been broadcast on television since the 1960s and have formed part of the British Christmas tradition for generations. First devised to attract young people to the magic of science through spectacular demonstrations, they are now watched by millions of people around the world every year.

Drawing on the incredible archive here at the Ri, which is packed full of handwritten notebooks, photographs and transcripts, this book will focus on 13 of the most captivating lectures given at the Ri on space and time, taking a look at what we thought we knew then and what has been discovered since.

Ri Members and Patrons receive 50% off 13 Journeys Through Space and Time: Christmas Lectures from the Royal Institution by Colin Stuart when buying the book at the Ri.  

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