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Thanks to a £500,000 endowment and industry support from our new partner Causeway Technologies Limited, the Royal Institution (Ri) launched a brand new Computer Science Masterclass Network in 2014. The Computer Science Masterclasses are designed to excite and engage young people in the creativity and practice of computer science, helping to highlight the links between this wide-reaching discipline and other subjects.

The Masterclasses are typically arranged in series of six to ten Saturday morning workshops, each lasting around two and a half hours and led by a different speaker on their chosen topic. The expert speakers are chosen for their subject knowledge and ability to share their enthusiasm and experience of working or researching in this exciting field. Students will be nominated by their schools to attend the whole series, allowing them to gain experience of a range of diverse topics within computer science. During each class the students will explore the topic individually or in small groups, with support and guidance given by the speaker and helpers.

Topics for the Masterclasses will include some of the diverse applications and processes of computer science, including logic, networks, big data, security, robotics, optimisation, human computer interaction and computer animation.

The network

Our Causeway Associate in Computer Science Ben Dornan works with volunteers across the country to set up and run Computer Science Masterclass series for bright, talented and enthusiastic 13-14 year-old students from all schools in each area. They will also support local experts from industry and academia to develop and deliver their own Computer Science Masterclass.

If you would like to help set up a series in your area or get involved as a Masterclass speaker or helper, please get in touch and see here for additional information.

Our aim is to grow our programme each year to reach 70 series running annually across the UK by 2020.

More information

Read more about the launch of this exciting new addition to our Masterclass programme here and watch this video about our computer programming summer schools.

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Masterclass organisers

Click here for news, updates and information for our network of Masterclass organisers.

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