New Masterclasses at UCL

Elpida Makrygianni tells us about two new series of Ri Engineering and Computer Science Masterclasses at University College London

  • Students show off their structures at the UCL Engineering Masterclasses

    Students show off their structures at the UCL Engineering Masterclasses

    Credit: UCL

New collaboration

We were absolutely delighted to have teamed up with the Royal Institution on two brand new series of Engineering and Computer Science Masterclasses. Staff and students from the UCL Faculty of Engineering Sciences are inviting young people to explore, question and learn about the latest developments in engineering and computer science as well as the ethical considerations for engineers. It is our hope that through these two series young people will discover the humanitarian, problem-solving and creative nature of engineering and its significance to society.

First Masterclasses

For the first session of the Engineering Masterclass series young people from schools across London were tasked with making their own seismically resistant designs, while being introduced to seismic events and responsibilities of earthquake engineers to tackle seismic risk in order to protect society and save lives. Running in parallel, the Computer Science Masterclass series also started this Saturday with students learning about ways in which computers and coding can be integrated into conventional music-making contexts. Our young participants acted as performers, researchers, composers and programmers of a computer-based meta-instruments laptop orchestra and even create some of their own music.

By Elpida Makrygianni, University College London