Masterclass team update

News and updates from the Masterclass Team from autumn 2013, including information on upcoming events.

  • Ri Christmas tree with CHRISTMAS LECTURES-themed decorations

    Spot our 2013 Christmas Lecturer on the Ri Christmas tree

    Credit: Royal Institution


The Masterclass team’s had a really busy term, with new secondary, primary and engineering series up and running, new speakers to support and new funding proposals written and meetings with prospective funders.

To keep us up-to-date with all your news, it would be very helpful if your reports could be forwarded by the end of the term in which your series finishes, plus any exciting news and photographs which we may use. This is a great help to Sam, Amy and Rachel and they can email you a form if you don’t have it handy.

Follow these links for more news from across the primary mathematics, secondary mathematics and engineering Masterclass networks.

Special events

We have a number of additional events coming up, for Year 10 (Celebrating Women in Mathematics) and Sixth Form (The Greek Legacy) here at the Ri, and some primary and secondary maths and engineering in schools. These latter one-off sessions in school are often the precursor to new series and it’s a good opportunity for us to try out new ideas for Masterclasses.

We’re in the process of planning the 2014 Organisers’ Conference, to be held on 20 and 21 June, and would welcome any suggestions for keynote speakers – anyone you’ve always wanted to hear within a small, select environment. Please also let us have any suggestions for workshops you would like to do at the Conference. More information will be coming to you early next term.

Our 2014 Celebrations for Masterclass students and 2014 summer school weeks are also being planned and I know some of you will be involved, for which we’re very grateful.

Enrichment grants

We’re really pleased to announce that The Causeway Foundation has funded a new E&E Grant Scheme for schools to apply for up to £500 for an activity from the STEM Directories – for more details, see here. The Scheme is now open for applications until 31 January 2014. The Clothworkers’ Foundation sponsored E&E Grant Scheme for mathematics activities is now closed and activities are taking place in schools around the UK.


The Ri CHRISTMAS LECTURES this year will be televised on 28, 29 and 30 December at 8pm on BBCFour. The lecturer is Dr Alison Woollard from the University of Oxford and the topic is Life Fantastic. Alison will explore the frontiers of developmental biology and uncover the remarkable transformation of a single cell into a complex organism. Meanwhile you can watch the daily Ri Advent Calendar on  to discover lots of fascinating facts about chromosomes.

The Masterclass team

Find out more about the Masterclass team and each of our roles in our staff profiles.

We look forward to visiting as many of you next term as possible.