Funding to help Masterclass access

Funding may be available for individual students’ travel to Masterclasses.

Funding opportunity

We have recently been nominated as one of the charities sponsored by The Potential Trust, who have some funding to help students who would not usually be able to attend Masterclasses.  As Masterclasses should be free for students, this extends to travel costs to get the students to and from Masterclasses.  It could also be used towards the travel for a student to attend the Masterclass Celebration days in the summer.

Parents need to contact The Potential Trust directly as the funding and applications are not managed by us.  If you feel that there are students who would be prevented from attending classes due to financial difficulties, please pass the information below on to their teachers or directly to the students and their parents.

Information for parents

If your son/daughter has been invited to attend Ri Masterclasses but you have difficulty in funding the necessary travel costs, the Potential Trust may be able to help. Please contact Anna Comino-James on 01844 351666 or email her at