Christmas activities

Merry Christmas! Here's a selection of seasonal activities from across the web for you to try yourselves or with your students.

  • Faraday holding our Sierpinski Christmas tree

    Faraday holding our Sierpinski Christmas tree with Möbius strip paper chains

    Credit: Royal Institution

Activity ideas

With the countdown to Christmas already well underway, we thought we'd share a selection of seasonal activities from across the web.

On our list again this year are the NRICH advent calendars, which have a different puzzle behind each window – for primary students and secondary students. You can also find a lovely selection of maths and other STEM puzzles with an easy search on the NRICH website and the National STEM Centre e-library. If you have any others you would like to share, please send them over to us.

Counting down to Christmas

The Masterclass team’s Christmas wouldn’t be complete without our fabulous Sierpinski Christmas tree, pictured above with Michael Faraday – we had a lot of fun last year making this from the template provided by Think Maths.

And of course we have our own Ri video advent calendar which this year is inspired by the Life Fantastic CHRISTMAS LECTURES and takes you on a journey through the human genome. Find and click on the chromosomes to watch a series of videos, don't forget to look out for the hidden Christmas objects! 

If you need your CHRISTMAS LECTURES fix before they air on BBC Four on 28, 29 and 30 December, why not visit the Ri Channel and watch Professor Marcus du Sautoy’s The Num8er My5teries from 2006 or Professor Sir Christopher Zeeman’s Mathematics into Pictures from 1978 – the start of the Masterclass programme.