Masterclasses in Suffolk: a student's view

Ceri, a year eight student who attended Masterclasses in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, reflects on her experience and how the Masterclasses have inspired her.

The Suffolk Maths Masterclasses - five weeks of interesting and appealing Saturdays filled with new areas of Maths that were ready to be explored. From probability and smoke rings to geometry with origami, we learnt about a wide variety of useful aspects of Maths. Also, some special extra guests who worked with Maths attended some of our classes.

This was all finished off with a wonderful trip to the Royal Institution, where three exciting lectures grasped our attention with mind-blowing experiments, how to break cryptic codes and ciphers, entertaining theory and practice juggling. Plus, a quiz in between to get our minds working!

I'm pretty sure that I speak for all of the people who took part when I say that I learnt a lot and enjoyed it while doing so!

  • A picture of the smoke ring cannon which Ceri made during the masterclass session.

One session was called 'Smoke Rings; the Mathematics of Fluids' with Florencia Tettamanti. I think this will really stick in my mind for a long, long time as it was really fun and it’s inspired me to do more with maths. Flo's day job is going around the country convincing people that Maths is fun, and she managed to convince us! Before she started this though, she did a PhD in fluid dynamics (which includes stuff such as smoke rings). It sounds like an exciting and intriguing topic to do a PhD in, and something I would definitely consider doing in later life!