Masterclass speaker training programme

Find out more about the Masterclass speaker training programme being piloted in London, including how to apply.

Speaker training programme

The Masterclass Speaker Training Programme is a structured programme of training and support designed to help new volunteers develop both workshop content and their science communication skills. Successful applicants will be guided through the process of developing and delivering an inspiring, interactive and theoretically deep workshop.

The Masterclass speaker training programme will include:

  • A visit to a Masterclass workshop to see an existing speaker in action
  • Support resources, including guidance on areas such as child safeguarding
  • Guided development of a workshop based on your chosen topic
  • Training sessions in communication, unconscious bias and classroom management
  • Individual support and advice on finalising your workshop
  • Opportunities to deliver your workshop in a Masterclass series
  • Feedback on your content and delivery with support to make improvements
  • Following successful completion of the training programme, inclusion in our London Masterclasses speaker pool

Your progression through the training programme will be tailored depending on your recent experience.

Time Committment

The Masterclass Speaker Training Programme is a significant committment but is very rewarding. One of our newer Masterclass speakers describes the experience of developing and delivering their Masterclass as "one of the best things I've ever done".

You would be expected to attend at least one Masterclass to get a good idea of the format and hopefully see a topic which is relevant to your interests. There will be three training sessions to attend, each 1.5-2 hours and either all run during a Saturday or run across three evenings. If you have significant experience you will not need to attend all of the training sessions. 

We will spend time with you discussing your ideas for a workshop, both before and after the training sessions. This can be face-to-face or via phone, depending on where you are based. There may also be additional practice opportunities available.

Time spent developing a session can vary depending on your topic and experience. We would like speakers who have successfully completed the programme to commit to delivering 1-2 Masterclasses during their first year, but after this your committment can vary.

Who can be a speaker?

The main requirement for Masterclass speakers is enthusiasm for sharing their love of the STEM subjects, a good level of knowledge and the ability to communicate with young people. We have a range of Masterclass speakers from academia, education and industry, each bringing their own experiences to their chosen workshop. The students see a different speaker leading each of the workshops in their series, allowing them to meet a variety of role models and learn more about who is involved in these subject fields.

The Masterclass speaker training programme would particularly suit those who are early in their careers looking to extend their professional development but we welcome applications from anyone who is keen to get involved.

How to apply

We ran a pilot project in the 2017/18 acadmic year. Following the sucess fo this, we plan to run a similar programme again in 2018/19, likely launching in November. Please watch this space for more details. 

If you are not based within reach of London and wish to find out more about speaking at a local Masterclass series please email us, stating the subject and level you are interested in and where you are based.

About Masterclasses

The Royal Institution Masterclass programme opens young people’s eyes to the diversity of mathematics, engineering and computer science. All over the UK, keen and talented young people who have been nominated by their teachers attend series of workshops to explore areas of these subjects outside their school experience. The programme aims to allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the wonders and applications of these far-reaching subjects and to continue their interest and engagement into later life. Masterclasses are currently offered in Mathematics at Primary level and in Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science at Secondary level.

Masterclasses run during term time, with Secondary Masterclasses typically 2.5 hours on Saturday mornings and Primary Masterclasses 1.5-2 hours either on Saturdays or during/after school.

Other ways to get involved

Find out more about being a Masterclass helper or speaker.

Visit this page to volunteer as a helper in London.

Please email if you are interested in volunteering at a local Masterclass series elsewhere in the UK. Please let us know what level and subject you are interested in and where you are based.

Find out more about the Masterclass programme