Masterclass helpers

Find out how to become a Masterclass helper.


Masterclass helpers play a vital role in supporting students in their investigations and learning in order to allow them to benefit fully from the Masterclasses. Helpers need a good level of mathematical, computer science or engineering understanding to pick up the topic on the day of the Masterclass and support the students with their activities.

Helpers who attend the Masterclasses often pick up ideas for activities and topics which they can use in their own lessons.  Many of our helpers are trainee teachers and postgraduate students, who not only develop their teaching skills but also act as role-models for the pupils.

Local groups

Please see the maps of the existing locations of the primary Mathematics or secondary Mathematics,Engineering and Computer Science Masterclass groups. 

If there are no Masterclasses running locally, do still get in touch as the networks are continually expanding. Alternatively, you could help organise a new Mathematics,Engineering and Computer Science Masterclass series in your area.

Get in touch

If you are based in London, please view our Volunteering at the Ri webpage for further details on how to get involved. 

If you are not based in London but would like to find out about ways you can get involved, please get in touch with the Masterclass team on

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