Game: The Life Cycle of a Star

From nebulae to black holes


Click an image on the timeline to find out more about the different stages of the life of a star

  • Key stage

    3, 4, Post 16

  • Subjects

    Space, stars, black holes

  • Media

    Flash games


Stars have a dynamic life cycle – they have moments of birth and moments of death. It might sound strange that a star might actually ‘die’ but researchers and astronomers have assessed a number of stars and what they have discovered is that, rather than being all very unique, in fact there are stages which are similar, that patterns have emerged which enable them to prove that there is a life-cycle to stars. The time it would take for a star to complete the lfie-cycle would depend very much upon the size of the star, but it is predicted that the entire process from start to final stage would take anywhere between 10 to 50 billion years!

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