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Game: The Carbon Core

What’s inside a carbon atom?

Caterpillar on leaf

Game: A Bite to Eat

Find out how plants fight back against insect attacks

Anatomical model

Game: Anatomy Quiz

See if you can beat the rest in this quiz about your anatomy

Ant on leaf

Game: Anything You Can Do

Join nature's constant battle between predator and prey

Bug on leaf

Game: Best in Show

Create a colourful creature

BioDiversity Bob screenshot

Game: Bio Bob's Biodiversity Adventure

Can you help Bob to adapt and survive in different environments?

Two butterflies on a plant bud

Game: Biodiversity Quiz

See if you can beat the rest in this quiz about Biodiversity

Shoal of fish

Game: Born to Spawn

Can you track the flounder as they migrate to and from their feeding grounds?

Large bones and vertebrae

Game: Build a Skeleton

The aim of the game is to make the skeleton of the animal in the quickest time you can. See if you can beat the top score.

Crime scene do not cross tape

Game: DNA Detectives

Become a forensic scientist and find out how to use DNA to solve crimes


Game: DNA Focus

Find out more about the molecule of life

DNA sequence

Game: DNA Quiz

See if you can beat the rest in this quiz about DNA

Game: Element Obstacles

Take a quizzical journey across the periodic table, and test your knowledge of groups and families

Close-up of a human eye

Game: Eye, eye!

A fun eye test to help you discover and find out more about your blind spot!


Game: Flick the Flea

How high do you think fleas can jump?

Hi-tech Trek microsite screenshot

Microsite: Hi-tech Trek

Take a hi-tech trek to discover the secrets of computer science from the 2008 CHRISTMAS LECTURES

Cow digestion computer game

Game: In One End and Out the Udder

Can you keep Bessie the cow fed and happy for a day?

Bean stalks growing in computer game

Game: Jack and the Beanstalk


Plants have been around for millions of years because they're very good at looking after themselves. They have to be, with so many herbivores on the look out for lunch. Ready to pick up a few gardening tips?

Artists wooden mannequin

Game: Joints Explorer

Find out more about the shoulder, hip and knee joints, and play around with your body's different types of joints.

Fly agaric mushroom

Game: Kill or Cure?

Match the medicine to the plant

Game: Molecule Matters

How does the structure of oxygen affect its behaviour?

Game: Mutation Man


Dodge the perils in the mutation maze to avoid genetic mutation

Plasma ball

Game: Nerve Wrecker

Learn how the nervous system controls movement and reflexes

Asteroid impact

Game: Operation Asteroid

Can you save the Earth from destruction by asteroids?

Solar system orbits

Game: Orbitiser

A Journey around the Solar System

Screenshot from ecology computer game

Game: Outbreak

Can you balance the food web and keep these bugs under control?

Koala bear up a tree

Game: Picky Eaters

When it comes to eating, is it better to be a generalist or a specialist?

Planet in front of sun

Game: Planet X Gravity

How do gravity and temperature affect conditions for planetary life?

Pond life frog

Game: Pond Life


From backstabbing beetles to the love lives of larvae

Man weightlifting dumbbell

Game: Pump Some Iron

How do weightlifters get the most from their muscles?

Robot hand

Game: Shifty the Robot

Shift the barrels in the fastest time to make it into our Hall of Fame


Game: Space Quiz

See if you can beat the rest in this quiz about space

Brussel sprouts

Game: Sprouts vs Sausages

Ready for a heavyweight challenge?

Mitosis in a cell

Game: The Cell Cycle

Can you identify the stages of the cell cycle?

Star-forming region in space

Game: The Life Cycle of a Star

From nebulae to black holes

Christmas Lectures microsite 2006

Microsite: The Numb3r My5teries

Explore the marvelous mystery of maths with activities from the 2006 CHRISTMAS LECTURES

Chemical element samples

Game: The Science of the Elements Quiz

See if you can beat the rest in this quiz about the chemical elements

The Truth about Food microsite

Microsite: The Truth about Food

Uncover the truth about the food you eat with activities from the 2005 CHRISTMAS LECTURES

Rainforest lungs

Game: Trade-Offs

How would you decide the destiny of a rainforest?

Person smelling a flower

Game: What's That Smell?

Discover the chemical communications of plants

Tennis balls over a net

Game: Who's the Fastest?

Watch hi-speed athletes in action

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