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The Royal Institution of Great Britain

The Royal Institution is where science meets the world. At the RI you can explore two centuries of great scientific breakthroughs, and discover the newest big ideas about our universe and everything in it. We're a museum, an events space, a place to eat and drink, and much more.

The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures are our biggest events; demonstration-packed, fun-filled science events for young people. They are broadcast on UK television every Christmas and have formed part of the Christmas tradition for generations.

This year, the RI is delighted to be working with Microsoft Research and Five.

More information about the Royal Institution can be found at: www.rigb.org (external link - new window)

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Microsoft Research

The RI is delighted to be working with Microsoft Research on this year's Christmas lectures.

Founded in 1991, Microsoft Research is dedicated to conducting both basic and applied research in computer science and software engineering. Researchers focus on more than 55 areas of computing and collaborate with leading academic, government and industry researchers to advance the state of the art in such areas as machine learning, computer vision, hardware devices, programming tools and computational science. Microsoft Research employs more than 800 people in six labs located in Redmond WA (USA), Silicon Valley CA (USA), New England MA (USA), Cambridge (England), Beijing (China) and Bangalore (India). Microsoft Research collaborates openly with colleges and universities worldwide to enhance the teaching and learning experience, inspire technological innovation, and broadly advance the field of computer science.

Find out about Microsoft Research’s most recent innovations at: http://research.microsoft.com (external link - new window)

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Five's six-year partnership with the Royal Institution for the annual Royal Institution Christmas Lectures will see the lectures, which serve as a forum for presenting scientific issues to young people, shown during peak-time as part of the Christmas schedule. The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures continue Five's commitment to science.

Details of broadcasts can be found at: www.five.tv (external link - new window)

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theWorkshop is an established design communication company with a history of innovation and success in e-learning. In 2004 the Royal Institution and theWorkshop worked together for the first time to create a CD-ROM to extend the appeal of the Christmas Lectures. The web-based aspect of this annual event has grown to encourage nationwide participation in the scientific themes of the lectures. theWorkshop are delighted to be involved in promoting the public understanding of computer science and in helping to inspire fascination and curiosity in the subject.

More information about the theWorkshop can be found at: www.theworkshop.co.uk (external link - new window)

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