Lecture 3 – Grilled and chilled

Humans live in extraordinary places – from the middle of the Sahara desert to the frozen wastelands of Alaska. Unlike many animals, humans are able to regulate their internal body temperature, allowing them to live in both cold and warm climates.

In this lecture, Hugh Montgomery looks at how the human body is able to regulate its temperature in response to the external thermal environment.

Discover whether shivering really works, how the body adjusts blood flow to retain heat, how it cools itself through sweating and how layered clothing can help insulate us from the cold. Hugh also reveals where blood is diverted to when it’s cold and where it's sent when we're too hot.

Finally, Hugh meets survivors of the very coldest and very hottest places in the world. What are the limits to survival? And how close did they get to finding out?


Being human


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Hugh Montgomery



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