The incredible world of communication. From the man-made satellite dishes to the complex biological system of bat communication. How does it all work? Watch David Pye in our 1985 CHRISTMAS LECTURES.

About this series

David Pye presents the 1985 CHRISTMAS LECTURES on "about how we, other animals and machines communicate".

The ability to communicate is as important as life itself. As Professor Pye put it in his introduction of this lecture series:

"We communicate with each other all the time. Otherwise, life itself would be quite impossible."

David Pye introduces the audience to the marvels of telecommunications through well thought out demonstrations and examples.

In this series of 6 lectures he covers areas of:

Biological communication: How humans and animals are able to produce sounds and the mechanisms involved. He demonstrates through the model of bats, how living things develop appropriate features to be able to produce and receive messages from others efficiently.

Communications technology: How the need of humans to reach others across the Earth and establish a connection with them has driven the evolution of telecommunication.

Join David Pye in this series of lectures and experience a world hidden in plain sight; the world of communication.


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