Anti-3D glasses

Ever find yourself dragged to see 3D films you'd rather see in 2D? Here's a trick to combat the effect.

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    2 pairs of 3D glasses

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Sometimes you can’t help it. Although you complain that 3D films are too dark, hard to watch and give you a headache, you still find yourself sitting in the cinema with your friends watching blurry explosions fly past your eyes for 3 hours.

 Here’s a solution that might make that cinema trip bearable once again. Hack your way back to a time when 3D was confined to novelty attractions and fairground rides. Most 3D displays work by projecting two slightly different images simultaneously. The glasses filter the projections, allowing each eye to pick up just one of the images, so your brain interprets the combined film as 3D footage. But by making glasses with either two left hand or two right hand lenses, you can restrict what both eyes see to just one of the projections. No more 3D, and no blurry image like you see if you take off the glasses altogether. 

Now you’ll have to find something else to grumble about.

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