A Place Called Space
Day 12

Supported by Wellcome Trust

360 degrees in zero gravity

Experience zero-g in 360 degrees in this interactive video from Kevin Fong's trip on a parabolic flight, the so-called 'vomit comet'.

Please note: this interactive video will only play properly on a modern browser or YouTube mobile app. 

It’s possible to experience zero gravity without actually going into space. A trip on a parabolic flight – affectionately nicknamed ‘the vomit comet’ – gives short bursts of weightlessness as a plane plunges down to earth.

This unique experience is a key training ground for astronauts preparing to venture beyond our atmosphere. Christmas Lecturer Kevin Fong got himself a ticket, and we snuck a 360 degree camera on board.

Move the video in real time to experience zero gravity like never before.

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