Ed Prosser

Senior Video Producer


Ed is the Senior Producer at the Ri and leads on the production and creative output of our award winning video content.


Ed is a film-maker, radio producer and sound-artist, who grew up in the North of England. From a young age he used to steal his dad's video camera to make short films, one of which set his parent's garden on fire (and got him grounded). Despite that he managed to graduate university with a degree in Biology and after sometime working in London, graduated with an MSc in Science Media Production. Today Ed is still making films about things that are on fire, but in a slightly more controlled way. 

Scientific inspiration

My earliest scientific inspiration came from staying up late as a child and sneaking downstairs to watch the X-Files. Although the show was a great piece of science fiction, it would often base its stories around cutting edge science to explore bizarre "what if" scenarios. The technical discussion in the programme always captivated me and inspired me to find out more about the real science behind the fiction.

Favourite demo

Maybe not my favourite, but the certainly silliest - firing a prawn into space (almost).

Favourite thing about the Ri

The Ri is a living, breathing entity, it has personality, it has bags of history and the people that make it up are always teaching me new things. 

But I guess the main thing I like about working here is that I get paid to film things that are on fire.