Anthony Lewis

Multimedia Producer

  • Anthony Lewis


Ant joined the Ri in May 2014 and works across all of the Ri’s online content. He looks after social media and graphic design, and makes short films.


Ant was born and bred in North London and studied biology at Oxford. Before coming to the Ri, he worked as a news editor and web manager for a small biomedical research institute, and as an information designer for a large charity. 

Scientific inspiration

It wasn’t actually until I had almost finished my biology degree that I realised I really loved science. Up until that point I was just muddling along doing things I found fairly interesting. So it’s hard to pinpoint a specific inspiration – it sort of snuck up on me until I suddenly found that I couldn’t imagine not doing something science-related. There are a handful of great lecturers from university that are probably to blame.

Favourite demo/experiment

I was – and still am – completely wowed by blowing up a pig’s lung.

Best thing about the Ri

I love that there’s a vast and impressive history and reputation, but that on an individual level the organisation is small and enthusiastic, totally willing to try new things and experiment with new creative ideas for communication, while never losing that enduring dedication to serious and rigorous science. And the general science frivolity (makeshift experiments, trivia, gold from the archives) sprinkled throughout a day in the office is great too. 

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