Jon Farrow

Public Programme Producer

  • Jon Farrow

    Credit: The Royal Insitution


Jon organises the programme of public events, along with Martin Davies. The programme is made up of talks, debates, short courses and family-friendly events, with top speakers from all over the world. He also occasionally presents videos for the Ri Channel.


Jon grew up in Ottawa, Canada, and has always had an insatiable curiosity. Enthusiastic about most topics and unsure exactly what to pursue, he chose to put off the decision by studying everything in the Arts & Science Programme at McMaster University in Hamilton. He then hopped across the pond to the University of Edinburgh to study Science Communication so he could continue to learn about new topics and share his enthusiasm. After a whirlwind autumn working on the CHRISTMAS LECTURES and a brief stint at the Science Museum, he’s back at the Ri and excited to put on a memorable series of science events.

Scientific Inspiration

Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian commander of the International Space Station, brought space exploration into the wider public consciousness like few astronauts have done since the Apollo days. But before he was the commander, he went up on a shuttle mission in 2001 to install the robotic Canadarm. And a few months after that mission, the crew was on a publicity tour in a small museum in Ottawa, where I shook his hand.

Favourite experiment/ demo

There’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned egg drop. Take an egg, some straws, some paper, and some sellotape. Combine them in such a way that you think they’ll survive if you drop them from the top of a tall ladder. Then climb a tall ladder, drop your contraption, and see what happens.

Best Thing About the Ri

The incredible history in these walls. It’s possible that in this very room, Humphry Davy and Michael Faraday might have had a conversation that led to the discovery of a new chemical element or law of nature. That blows my mind.