Courtney McLaughlin

Patron Event Producer

  • Credit: Courtney McLaughlin


Courtney joined the Ri in February 2016 to curate exciting event opportunities for the Patron scheme. In her role, Courtney assists with developing innovative events which are fascinating, entertaining and scientific and that capture the imagination of our most loyal supporters.  


Courtney was born and raised in western Canada, and moved to London in 2014 after working in Berlin. She studied Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths, University of London and has founded several start-ups across Europe and in North America. Though educated in an arts-related field, Courtney has worked alongside many scientific and engineering businesses, including renewable energy and clean technology.

Scientific inspiration

Since entering partial retirement, my dad has become an avid amateur paleontologist. Growing up in the “dinosaur country” of western Canada, I’ve always been fascinated by the history that is buried beneath our feet. My dad, like me, comes from a communication background and his passion for lending these skills to scientific pursuits, such as the Dinosaur Research Institute, has been a constant reminder that there is a place for everyone in these fields. 

Favourite experiment/demo

The first time I remember doing real 'hands-on' science was in primary school where we got to deconstruct an owl pellet. I remember being fascinated by the discovery of tiny, intact vole bones and the process of piecing the skeleton back together! 

Best thing about the Ri

Growing up I accepted the narrative that science was for those who stayed within the lines and art was the only escape for creatives. I am so glad that places like the Ri exist to prove this theory false! My colleagues at the Ri are some of the most creative people I’ve met and I am constantly inspired by their passion, commitment and abstract thinking abilities.

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