Louise Robertson

Front of House Coordinator

  • Louise Robertson

    Louise Robertson


Louise works with Phil to help ensure that everyone who visits the Ri is welcomed with a big smile. The Front of House Team work across all departments of the Ri, making sure that everything runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis.


Born and raised in and around London, Louise has a passion for heritage and history which continued after she completed a BA degree in History at the University of Kent. Since graduating she has worked in a variety of roles in the charities and heritage sector and in what spare time she has she can be found volunteering with a community restoration project.

Scientific Inspiration

Having no real background in science, since working at the Ri I have started to see how much science we can see in everyday life. It is exciting to think I work only a few steps away from Faraday's original laboratory!

Favourite experiment/demo

The singing wine glasses!

Best thing about the Ri

The beautiful building and of course meeting so many interesting people with an obvious passion and enthusiasm for what they do – It's infectious!