Grace Perry

Premises Manager

  • Credit: Grace Perry


I’m busy looking after the building and can often be spotted with a tape measure and some floor plans! I manage the Front of House team and our Premises Technician, making sure the building looks its best and everything runs smoothly!


Scientific inspiration

I don’t have scientific background myself, but it would be cosmology that really gets me excited about science. Just how scientists even go about understanding what’s happening outside our Earth blows my mind a bit! I’ve also been lucky enough to meet more than few astronauts in my time here. 

Favourite experiment/demo

Rubber band cannons.

Favourite bit of the building

All the hidden cupboards! I’m still finding new ones occasionally.

Best thing about the Ri

Working on the CHRISTMAS LECTURES every year, the atmosphere of children, adults and staff getting excited about science can’t be beaten. 

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