Sarah Madden


  • Sarah Madden


Sarah works within the Marketing and Communications team at the Ri to promote the 2017 CHRISTMAS LECTURES.


Sarah is studying for a PhD at the University of Cambridge where she is looking to develop new anti-cancer medicines. She is very passionate about communicating science in a clear and accessible way and has enjoyed taking part in science comedy shows.

Scientific inspiration

Science documentaries were my first real introduction to science. Sir Robert Winston’s ‘Child of our time’ stands out as I loved how relatable the science was. Without such programmes, I doubt I would be a scientist today.

Favourite experiment/demo

Making bouncy balls out of cornflour. You mix cornflour, Borax and glue and the Borax stiches the glue molecules together to create the bounciness. So much fun!

Best thing about the Ri

Being able to work with such a talented and passionate bunch of people. 

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