Meagen Smith

Conservator for the Ri's archive.

  • Meagen Smith

    Meagen Smith


Meagen is responsible for undertaking a thorough conservation audit of the archival collections in relation to the immediate and long term conservation needs.  She will be planning, assessing and implementing a programme of conservation and preservation of all types of traditional archival material held by the Ri.


Meagen grew up in the mid-west, USA and earned a BA in Journalism with a minor in History before moving to the UK.  Having always had a passion for history, she decided to transition from digital to analogue by retraining as a book and paper conservator.  Since completing her Master’s degree at Camberwell College, University of the Arts London, Meagen built experience at Westminster City Archives, UCL Special Collections and most recently at The National Archives specialising in both preservation management and digitisation.

Scientific inspiration

My early scientific inspiration has to be my uncle who always supported me in my STEM related classes.  He was patient and pragmatic helping me link academic topics to real life such as calculating the square area of a roof in order to know how many shingles needed ordering.  While freelancing, I had the joy of working with a science focused special collection including a large series of Euclid as well as early research in genetics which demonstrate how relevant scientific history is to our current lives.

Favourite experiment

Years ago Charlotte showed me artefacts of Faraday’s experiments in electro-magnetism.  Ever since I’ve mulled over the conservation ramifications of preserving such a complex combination of materials.

Best thing about the Ri

Given my role, it has to be the artefacts of history as well as the history that is currently being made.