Zoe Griffiths

Primary Mathematics Masterclasses Coordinator

  • Zoe Griffiths


Zoe joined the Ri team as the Primary Mathematics Masterclasses Coordinator in August 2015. In her role she looks after the Primary Mathematics Masterclasses Network including supporting existing Masterclass groups, expanding the network across the UK and working with new speakers.  She visits groups around the country as well as developing and delivering her own Masterclasses.


After growing up in Cornwall, Zoe studied Natural Sciences (Mathematics and Philosophy) at Durham University, graduating in 2010.  Her experiences volunteering with young people whilst at university prompted her to train as a maths teacher, completing a Secondary Mathematics PGCE at Oxford University. Zoe spent 4 years teaching maths in two state-maintained 11-18 schools, in Oxfordshire and South London. Zoe had the opportunity to develop and deliver extracurricular enrichment sessions for students at her schools and she is excited to build on this in her role at the Ri. When not thinking about maths, Zoe enjoys walking and Lindy Hop dancing.

Scientific inspiration

I always enjoyed the subjects at school, but don’t think I truly entered the wonderful world of maths and physics until I was a sixth form student and discovered I could explore these disciplines outside of lessons for fun! I was hooked. 

Favourite demo

I’m going to pretend this question says favourite number because I want to talk about the number i. i is a number equal to the square root of minus 1 and is called an imaginary number.  Imaginary numbers exist but do not sit on the real 1-dimensional number line that we are so used to and to me this idea is mind blowing!

Best thing about the Ri

To share great ideas in maths and science with the public is exciting anywhere, but to do it in a place where some of those great things happened is even more so. By doing this we are in turn making history – adding to more than 200 years of work in science communication by the Ri.

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