Rosie Mellors

Engineering Masterclass Coordinator


  • Rosie Mellors

    Credit: Rosie Mellors


Rosie coordinates the UK's Engineering Masterclass network by supporting regional organisers and volunteers and organising the series in London directly. Rosie also supports local experts from industry and academia to develop and deliver their own Engineering Masterclasses.


Originally from London, Rosie moved to Newcastle in 2010 to complete her undergraduate and masters qualifications in Mathematics and Statistics at Newcastle University. She then worked in the University’s Marketing and Student Recruitment team, delivering workshops and training science buskers.  Rosie has since returned to London, and has been working with the Ri since August 2015.

Scientific inspiration

Ever since I was young I’ve always questioned many things. I feel my main scientific inspiration is my curiosity to always find out how and why things work or happen, i.e. why yawns are contagious, or how a bubble holds its shape!

Favourite experiment/ demo

I’ve seen many exciting demos whilst working as a science communicator, but one of the most surprising has to be the gravity-defying Newtons Beads/Mould Effect, which has both astounded and caused arguments in the world of physics.

Best thing about the Ri

Being surrounded by opportunities to learn new things every day is one of the best things about the Ri. It’s also great to work in such a beautiful building in the centre of London.