Andrew Brown

STEM Directories Project Officer

  • Credit: Alom Shaha


The STEM Directories Project Officer looks after the day to day running of the STEM Directories - the UK's most comprehensive database of STEM enrichment activities for schools. He also manages the grant schemes associated with the STEM Directories, which give disadvantaged students the opportunity to engage with STEM activities free of charge.


Andrew originates from Aylesbury — home of the world-famous Aylesbury Duck. After graduating in molecular biology he spent some time in Germany working for the European journal for science teachers, Science in School. On his return to the UK he gained some experience in engaging young people with science hands-on, before settling at the Ri in Spring 2014.

Scientific inspiration

I can’t think of a particular person or event that originally inspired my love of science. I feel like my realisation of both how important and exciting science is has gradually seeped into me over the years — and continues to do so today.

Favourite demo

Christmas Lecturer Mark Miodownik’s short and amusing demonstration of the wonderful properties of ferrofluids. I find this odd, oily-looking liquid mesmerising to watch; it almost looks like it’s alive!

Best thing about the Ri

The fact that the place where I work featured on the back of a £20 note.

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