Christos Kyprianou

Digital Intern

  • Christos Kyprianou


Christos is a BBSRC digital intern that manages the optimsation of the Ri YouTube channel.


Christos grew up in Cyprus and moved to UK in 2010 to study genetics at Leicester. His interest shifted towards embryology and developmental biology which led him to pursue a PhD at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Prof. Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz to study the shaping of the early mouse embryo. He joined the Royal Institution in October 2017 as a digital intern as part of his doctoral training programme supported by the BBSRC.

Scientific inspiration

Ever since I can remember I wanted to do science and my parents showered me with science books to keep me interested. One medical book in particular, by David Burnie, which I had read cover to cover multiple times when I was a kid was pivotal in my interest in biology. My high school biology teacher Mr. Patsalos (who I still consider the best teacher I ever had) inspired me to pursue biology as a career and people like Donald Ingber (the founding director of Wyss Institute at Harvard) with his incredible innovations in the field of biotechnology keep me inspired to continue my work. 

Favourite demo

Extreme Physics BBQ video because I love physics, BBQ and extreme stuff.

Best thing about the Ri

Everybody loves science here!