Haseena Farid

Head of Development

  • Haseena Farid

    Haseena Farid

    Credit: Royal Institution


As Head of Development, Haseena is responsible for leading the fundraising team to create, developing, maintain and implement the Ri’s fundraising strategy to fulfil our strategic objectives. She has a close relationship with the Ri’s major donors and sponsors and works closely with the programme team and senior management to develop and deliver partnerships in a meticulous and professional way.


Having studied Law at university, Haseena has paved a career in the Arts. She has over eleven years experience working for museums and galleries and the charity sector in the areas of marketing, pr and fundraising. More recently she has worked as a consultant fundraiser, helping organisations to shape their short and long-term fundraising goals.

Scientific inspiration

I am inspired when I see exhibitions and unconventional experiments that bring science and art together. So things like the Whif Bar, a sweet that emits chocolate smells giving you the enjoyment of chocolate without any of the calories!

Favourite experiment/demo

I remember the water rocket experiment in the playground that demonstrates how air pressure works...it’s so cool.

Best thing about the Ri

When you’re watching a lecture or demonstration in the lecture theatre and remember how many scientists have delivered the CHRISTMAS LECTURES in there and that it all started with Michael Faraday standing there giving his inaugural lecture on the chemical history of a candle. Amazing.

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